DALUHAY is now more than half way through our first year with Dr Marivic Pajaro as Executive Director

DALUHAY is now more than half way through our first year with Dr Marivic Pajaro as Executive Director which was made formal, effective March 2017. The Annual Board-Staff meeting was truly awesome! We were able to make great progress towards setting the Daluhay compass for strategic development. That course of development includes all of the new areas of focus established with our incoming Board Members: Mother and Child wellness, Law in Development, integration of agricultural programs within the ridge to reef Biodiversity Conservation strategies, and supporting Indigenous Peoples in sustainable development. In particular this year we are developing extensive partnerships with Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations and their communities associated with biodiversity conservation linked to poverty mitigation and local capacity building. Considering our core are of expertise on marine and coastal development, our partnership with the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institution is being expanded through their Marine Environmental Research Foundation (MERF). Our focus for partnership with MERF is on the engagement of coastal fisherfolk for the development of the new Benham Rise territory. We are currently working on further socio-economic data-basing that can help to provide a framework for engagement of the fisherfolk on both harvest and sustainability efforts.

One of Daluhay’s areas of focus for the remainder of 2017 is to strengthen the administrative component of our organization. As we development more of a capacity building role for communities and organizations, there is a need to refine our internal knowledge management systems to maximize efficiency. Daluhay now needs to be able to demonstrate effectively, an approach to information and record management that other less-developed organizations can emulate. This involves not only financial records but other information as well, such as the many levels of registration in the Philippine governance systems. A related challenge for Daluhay is to develop a Communication Management Plan that provides others here in the Philippines and globally, with information on what and how our organization can share assets, resources and knowledge to create synergistic development opportunities. Daluhay’s activities continue to focus upon community resilience, environmental sustainability, food security, economic development and disaster risk mitigation. In fact, these areas are primarily what our organization is funded to do. However, to meet our goals and vision, there is a need for a broadly-based communication strategy that includes, but is not limited to; scientific publications, newsletters, information and education campaigns, outreach and of course – our website! In 2018, we hope to make our website both more functional and interactive. The challenge is that the development of a communication plan is not something we are funded for. The reason that we are able to move forward with such an action is, the fact that we have a really fantastic team of Board and Staff!

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