Maternal Foodbank Kitchen and Training Facility

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Healthy communities rely on well-functioning ecosystems. They provide clean air, fresh water, medicines and food security. They also limit disease and stabilize the climate. But biodiversity loss is happening at unprecedented rates, impacting human health worldwide.

In the Philippines, maternal and childhood malnutrition, characterized by stunting and wasting, is endemic, with the worst conditions found in coastal fisherfolk communities. Daluhay’s research has determined that maternal fisher protein intake across Aurora Province is less than 20% of international and national recommended levels. In an effort to supplement protein, many women engage in overharvesting invertebrates through gleaning – a popular fishing method – which results in further weakening of the fragile ecosystem and illustrates how the struggle for food security at the local level exerts pressure on surrounding ecosystems.


The aim of the project is to establish a Maternal Food Bank Kitchen to mitigate maternal protein insecurity through emergency supplies and development of community-based approaches to provide protein-rich food to local mothers while involving them in giving back to their communities using a ‘withdrawal/deposit’ model (withdraw food / deposit time/expertise).

The project is envisioned as a ‘demonstration project’, with initial train the trainer sessions and pilot family interventions to be used as a model to train provincial health workers and other community leaders to replicate Maternal Food Bank Kitchens elsewhere.


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