Daluhay uses an Ethnoecology Approach that puts biodiversity conservation at the center of Nature, Society and Culture. In partnership with different stakeholders, we work with Indigenous peoples, Farmers, Fisherfolks and Women groups to conserve and protect our natural resources from Ridge to Reef.

Indigenous Communities Saving the Philippine Eagle
through Rainforest Trust

– 43 forest guards were trained and certified by the NCIP under RA 8371
-30,000 ha Indigenous Communities Conservation Areas and Territories (ICCA) established

Initiating a Network of Indigenous Community Conserved Areas in the Central Sierra Madre Forests
through Forest Foundation Philippines

Capacity building of 13 Agta Settlements in Northern Aurora in natural resource management and sustainable livelihood development

Strengthening National Systems to Improve Governance and Management of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCA) of the Egongot Tribe in Dipaculao, Aurora Province
through the Philippine ICCA Project

-15,900 ha Ancestral Land declared as ICCA
-20,920 ha Ancestral Waters declared as ICCA

Synergistic and Ecocentric Capacitation of Sierra Madre’s Indigenous and Artisanal Communities (SECAP Sierra Madre)
through UNDP-SGP5

Daluhay served as a hub for 7 community partners across Aurora. Each community’s financial and organizational track records initiated through this project allowed them to draft proposals to sustain their initiatives. It was also through SECAP Sierra Madre that one of the Egongot partners (DETFAWAI) were able to source out their own funding to implement a larger project for their Ancestral Domain.

-30 ha Baler Sea grass and Mangrove protected area established
-434 ha San Luis Network of Marine Protected Area established
-18 ha Agricultural Protected Area has been proposed
-70,000 seedlings of native tree species and mangrove planted in 140+ ha forest/beach forest

Integrated Coastal Resource Development Framework Plan
through LGU-San Luis

Pathways for Indigenous Knowledge on Marine Biodiversity Conservation
through USAID

Bachelor of Marine Science Curriculum Development
through Aurora State College of Technology

Food and Water Security in San Luis’ Coastal Barangays with the funding support of Canada Fund for Local Initiatives through PAMANA Ka Sa Pilipinas