There are many ways that you can join DALUHAY.  You may just wish to make a donation, but we would prefer to get you involved! Although our expectation is that we will always work closely with a small select group of Associates, there can be different types of associate activities intended to cover a range of possibilities.

Personal Associate

As a PERSONAL ASSOCIATE, you can support the concepts of Daluhay and the further development of our partnerships. Established groups (or groups developed for this purpose) can also become personal members under specific categories.  For example, local resources can be mobilized by School Boards, teachers or the students themselves and partnered with Daluhay to work at any level of the education system. As a graduate student or volunteer you can invest your time.


Partner Associate

Please note that the point of our PARTNER ASSOCIATES category is that individuals or groups become directly involved with a project or program, primarily through email or telephone. If a personal association is established for a group, we would ask that one person be designated as the contact. Different individuals could be the contact during different periods of the association. Associations would typically be 24 months in duration, renewable on mutual agreement. The principle researchers of Daluhay would be directly involved in each associate program.

PROJECT INITIATION ASSOCIATE: The lower limit for the initiation of projects is $1,000 Canadian. We would hope that we would work directly with you to define the project that will be initiated and followup on the outcomes.

SUSTAINING ASSOCIATE: As a SUSTAINING ASSOCIATE you become directly involved in a project or program through the provision of resources for activities. The lower limit for a sustaining association with Daluhay is $5,000 Canadian. The intention of this association level is that the project contribution will actually be a program contribution, thus continuing on after the membership period. Again we would expect to work with you directly to define the activities and reporting for these initiatives.

FOUNDATION ASSOCIATE category has been created to provide recognition for contributions to a Trust Fund that will support the ongoing work of Daluhay. Alternatively funds can go directly to an established program with the intention that the program will continue after the period of the membership. The lower limit for Foundation Association with Daluhay is $15,000 Canadian.